Published 14 October

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Sing, Goddess, Sing of the Rage of Achilles, Son of Peleus
The Myth of Troy on Ancient Coins

Stefan Krmnicek tells the story of this ancient city through some of its fascinating imagery on Greek and Roman coins.

Illuminated Christian Manuscripts in Roman Britain and Beyond
Martin Henig looks at the possible influence of illuminated manuscripts on the design of Roman mosaics inBritain and elsewhere in the Empire.

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The Villa Ventorum and Replicas of Romano-British Mosaics
Stephen R. Cosh previews the extraordinary replica Roman villa in 
Somerset and the phenomenon of producing replica floor mosaics in Britain from the nineteenth century through the modern era.

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Maximus, Arthur, and the Temporal Mists of Distortion
Murray Eiland and Mark Merrony examine the 'facts' and fiction between two mighty personalities of the late Roman and Saxon periods.

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Cosmic Mithraism in Subterranean Rome
Bianca Maria Zonta explores the 
incredible Mithraic sanctuaries that lie under the streets of the eternal city.


Ajanta Caves: Jewel in the Crown of Early Buddhist Art
Mark Merrony looks at the stunning cave sanctuaries in western India
their architecture and paintings.