Published 24 June


Spartans Unearthed: The Politics of Archaeology in Ancient Greece
Paul Cartledge tells the fascinating story of 'The Tomb of the Lakedaimonians' in Athens and how its archaeology was used for Nazi ideology

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High Culture in Roman Britain: The Myths of Ovid and Hyginus
Martin Henig looks at the classical literature that inspired the subject matter of Roman mosaics in Britain in the second article dedicated to this topic

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Recording Roman Mosaics
Stephen R. Cosh and David S. Neal reveal their extraordinary artistic skills, recording Romano-British mosaics by painting them


The Golden Road: Fact, Fable, Flemish, or 'Flavian'?
Mark Merrony unveils his recent incredible discovery of a prehistoric and Roman road in the Preselis, north Pembrokeshire


Treasures of the Himalayas: Buddhist Paintings in Ladakh
Mark Merrony paints a picture of the stunning medieval murals that adorn the Alchi group of monuments and other sites in this spectacular region of India