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Published 25 November


 The Social History of Border Walls: Keeping the Enemy Out or People In?
Yakoub Moghal and Niklas Hartmann delve into the intriguing history of borders and city walls to establish whether they were defensive or functioned as devices of political control.

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Divine Felines in Egyptian Cosmology
Bianca Maria Zonta looks at the enigmatic and powerful feline goddesses Bastet and Sekhmet in ancient Egyptian society.


Ancient Astrology
Murray Eiland traces the fascinating development of astrology from the Babylonian era through the Roman period.

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Female Hair Styles in Imperial Rome
Martin Henig looks at the interesting stylistic development of ladies' coiffure over several hundred years of Roman rule.

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The Endless Arcades: Mimar Sinan and the Ottoman Engineering Renaissance of Sixteenth-Century Istanbul
Mark Merrony reveals the stunning Ottoman Iaqueduct system of the imperial capital's hinterland and how it was developed from the ruins of the Byzantine infrastructure.

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