Published 20 May


Mark Merrony 



The ‘Princess of La Almoloya’s’ Burial Revisited in Southern Spain

Bianca Maria Zonta

Lidar Research in the Puuc Region of Mexico Continues to Reveal Maya Architecture

Joseph Isenberg

Artificial Intelligence Applied to the Dead Sea Scrolls

Sofia Carreira-Wham

Camuni Petroglyphs: Encrypted Symbolism

Bianca Maria Zonta looks at the extraordinary rock art in northern Italy

Barrows, Bluestones, and the Secrets of Stonehenge

Mark Merrony interviews Timothy Darvill about his career

in prehistory

The Eagle own the Edge of Empire:

In Search of the Legions' Lost Lanes

Martin Davies is on the trail of previously unknown Roman roads in west Wales

Carnuntum: Roman Powerhouse on the Danube

Murray Eiland looks at the history of the extraordinary Roman site

on the Danube in Austria


Roman Sculpture in Miniature:

Figurines in the Lararium

Martin Henig looks at household gods and goddesses 

The Other Pandemic: Fake Ancient Gold Jewellery

Mark Merrony interviews Jack Ogden about forgeries and false provenance in this medium of ancient art

The Maya: First Lords of the Jungle

Mark Merrony explores this fascinating civilisation in Mesoamerica that flourished in the first millennium AD

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Book Reviews

The Archaeology of Nineveh: Unveiling the Nomadic

Parthian Empire, Murray Eiland

Reviewed by Mark Merrony


Restoration: An Art Restorer's Journey through

Communist Poland, Helen de Borchgrave

Reviewed by Murray Eiland