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Mark Merrony reflects on human technological achievement



Sofia Carreira-Wham reports on the sensational Bronze Age discovery of En Esur in Israel




Who do we think we are?

Mark Merrony looks at early humans and their tool technology

Champollion, hieroglpyphs, and Coptic magical papyri

Murray Eiland interviews Egyptologist Bill Manley

Stonehenge: temple of death, healing, and cosmology

Mark Merrony gives an outline of this iconic monument and what we know about it


A woman with a grave affliction: an archaeological detective story from Punta Secca, Sicily

Roger Wilson reveals the secrets of a recently excavated late Roman house and its rather bizarre former occupant with an unusual medical condition

The Gandhara connection: Rome and the art of Asia

Peter Stuart gives a fascinating insight into the fusion of Roman and Asian art

Nalanda: the oldest university in the world?

Murray Eiland looks at one of the most celebrated ancient Buddhist seats of learning


Book Reviews


Akhenaten: Egypt's false prophet

Nicholas Reeves

reviewed by

Murray Eiland


Lives of the Ancient Egyptians

Toby Wilkinson

reviewed by

Murray Eiland


Birds in the Ancient World

Jeremy Mynott

reviewed by

Murray Eiland

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