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News Features


Stonehenge Mean Time: Synchronising Polity and Cosmology

Tim Darvill


Nuragic Sardinia

Bianca Maria Zonta


Etruscan Black-Figure Master Painting in the Archaic

Michael Svetbird


High Culture in Roman Britain: Epics of Troy and of Carthage

Martin Henig


Roman Portrait Sculpture: The Real, the ideal, and the Abstract

Julia Lenaghan


The Cholas: Domination, Veneration, and Artistic Perfection

Mark Merrony


Book Reviews


London in the Roman World

Dominic Perrong

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2022

Reviewed by Mark Merrony


Killing for the Republic

Steele Brand

Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press, 2019

Reviewed by Mark Merrony

    PURCHASE Spring 2022 Printed Issue

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