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News Features


The Curse of Tutankhamun: Evil Under the Sun?

Murray Eiland


Baiae: Into the Blue of Rome

Bianca Maria Zonta


Power and Influence in Photographic Portraits From Roman Antiquity to the Present Day

Mark Merrony and Olivier Roller


Gold and Silver for the Gods in Roman Britain and Gaul

Martin Henig


Unlocking the Secrets of the First Caliphs

Murray Eiland interviews Michael Cook


The Aztecs: Conquerors, Traders, and Artisans

Mark Merrony


Book Reviews


Forgotten Peoples of the Ancient World

Philip Matyszak

London: Thames & Hudson, 2020

Reviewed by Mark Merrony


A Catalogue of the Sculpture Collection at Wilton House

Peter Stewart

Oxford: Archaeopress, 2020

Reviewed by Mark Merrony

    PURCHASE Winter 2021/2022 Printed Issue

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